Sons of Daniel

The Sons Of Daniel Ministry was developed to provide guidance to young men in the 4th through the 12th grades, as they move through their years of adolescence. We seek to give them godly principles of manhood in hopes of providing a successful transition into adulthood. The spiritual principles of Adoration, Association, Appearance, Academics, Authority, and Attitude serve as the foundational bed of the program. Each of these principles will be introduced in the ongoing LIFE SKILLS training classes for the young men. The parents are expected to reinforce these principles and encourage the young men to grow in these disciplines when they are at home.


In the Sons of Daniel ministry, the young men are broken down into 5 groups:

Cubs - 4th-6th grades

Hunters (Troop) - 7th grade

Hunters (Pack) - 8th grade

Hunters (Pride) - 9th grade

Kings - 10th-12th grades


Life Skills

Six areas of development serve as the core for our program:

Adoration (Dan 6:10) - Teaches the word of God as they discover their life’s purpose.

Association (Dan 2:17-18) – Teaches them how to choose friends, interact with people in public, and develop stability in their relationships with others

Appearance (Dan 1:4, 8-16) - Shows them how to maximize the potential of their physical body.

Academics (Dan 1:4, 17) - Challenges them to gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

Authority (Dan 1:9-12; Dan 2:14-16, 20-21, 46-49; Dan 6:21-22) – Teaches them to respect their #1 authority, God, and also respect those whom God has placed in authority over their lives

Attitude (Dan 3:17-18)– Teaches them their identity and how to approach life from a successful vantage point



Each mentor is an adult man who will serve as a role model for the young men in Sons of Daniel. Our mentors are active members of Cornerstone Baptist Church who have undergone background checks. These men oversee the LIFE SKILLS training aspect of the ministry. Their primary commitment is to interact with the young men & lead discussions on Sunday evenings. They will also officiate the exciting recreation & competition period during our sessions. Sons of Daniel mentors work in teams to lead their respective groups of young men. Our mentors are trained to take a positive relational approach to each young man in his group.


Ministry Calendar

Sons of Daniel meets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month from September through May for a total of about 12 sessions each year. This interactive teaching setting is appropriately labeled LIFE SKILLS training, and the young men will be trained in a wide variety of subjects. There will also be a few special learning activities and service opportunities on Saturdays. The year will end with a weekend camping trip and a celebration ceremony to honor the young men. Each summer we have a 7-day Boot Camp where our young men receive teaching directly from Pastor McKissic. The culmination of the Boot Camp is an overnight camping trip on the lake.



The Cornerstone Mentoring Ministry transitioned from Cornerstone’s historic 1-on-1 mentoring program to its current Team Mentoring concept during the 2007-2008 church year. Overseeing this transition was Bro. J.E. McKissic, Sons of Daniel founder & director, as well as Bro. Fred Kimble, who had been a long-term Mentoring Council member and a dedicated advocate for the ministry of church mentoring. In March of 2008 we held our first Life Skills Class/Mentoring Session with 16 young men and 3 mentors. For the 2009-2010 church year, over 40 young men participated in Sons of Daniel. There are currently over 60 participants enrolled for the current 2010-2011 season.


Who To Contact

Bro. J.E. McKissic

Minister of Mentoring

Cornerstone Baptist Church

 817-468-0083 ext. 219