What is The Daughters of Deborah Mentoring Ministry?

The Daughters of Deborah ministry is a team-based mentoring program that pairs a team of mentors

with a group of preteen or teen girls for a full school year. Daughters of Deborah offers girls an enjoyable time with caring adult role models and focuses on life-skill building and spiritual development.

The program is organized into five groups, and each group meets for mentoring sessions twice a month, from mid September through early June. The mentoring groups, which are based on the girls’ grade levels, are as follows:


• Jewels — 5th grade    • Virtuous Girls — 6th grade
• Gems — 7th and 8th grade • Sapphires — 9th and 10th grade
• Diamonds — 11th and 12th grade  



For more information about the Daughters of Deborah take a click here to view their website.